Dirt Bike Training

Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF)
​MSF Dirt Bike School                        $150

A learn-to-ride course. Though focused on learning to ride a dirt bike, this course is a good way to learn how to physically operate a motorcycle in general. This course is conducted entirely outdoors in an off-highway area. It is not a license waiver course.
The course is scheduled based on demand. The location is in Wildomar, CA and can be completed during the year except for Summer months. 
The Closed Range Exercises (CRE) course was created by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) to provide hands-on rider training with an emphasis on safety and skill development. New riders, or others who want to improve their riding skills, will benefit from the CRE course taught by certified MSF DirtBike School Coaches. During the school, students learn basic techniques for safely riding off-highway motorcycles. Lessons are presented at controlled off-highway riding sites specifically selected for the course.
MSF Individual Trail Riding (ITR)             $250


An extension of the DirtBike School, and for riders who already possess basic riding skills and are ready to ride off-highway trails. Lessons may include riding in sand and mud, through creek crossings and ruts, and over rocks, hills, and whoop-de-doos. A certified Coach supervises all riding activities.

Introduction to Trail Riding (ITR) is the next level DirtBike School course designed to familiarize riders with riding off-road on actual trails. The ITR course builds on the knowledge developed in the CRE course and teaches more advanced riding skills. A DBS Coach will guide ITR students through lessons including:

  • Riding in sand, water, mud and rocks

  • Depending on the area, riding in snow and ice or tight woods

  • Stopping and turning around on hills, riding up & downhills, including progressing to steeper uphills and downhills

  • Traversing and stopping, and alternate method, steeper downhills (Bulldogging)

  • Riding whoops and ruts, and drop-offs and ledges and crossing ditches